Course curriculum

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    How I Killed Cancer In Just Two Months!

    • Introduction: How I Beat Cancer And Stay In Remission

    • My Cancer Story - Finding Credible Answers to Your Questions

    • Lesson 1 - Clinical Research Studies to Help You Learn More About Your Cancer Treatment Options

    • Lesson 2 - How to Make Green Tea and Determine Which Green Tea Brand is the Best to Use

    • Lesson 3: Supplements - How to use the Internet to Avoid Fake Supplements and Identify the Best Ones

    • Lesson 4: Healing Your Soul - How to Protect Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

    • Lesson 5: Online Resource to Help You Save TIme and Money

    • Lesson 6: How I Stay in Remission - Research to Help You Make Better Choices

    • Lesson 7: How to Protect Your Hands and Feet From Nerve Damage

    • End of Class Quiz

    • Download the Symptom Tracker to Help Determine What Works and What Doesn't

    • Course Frequently Asked Questions

    • About the Course - Finding Important Cancer Facts and Information